Sonja Soller

Beautiful You Are

Medium: Acrylic Mixing Techniques On Tissue Paper

Dimensions (In INs): 40 x 25

Country: Germany

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Artist Bio

Sonja Soller, born 1976 in Munich, Germany, has been working as a freelance artist since 2010. After studying design and art, the artist specialized in abstract and figurative acrylic mixing techniques. Emotionality and depth, usually expressed in many layers on top of each other, give your paintings their very own expression. The artist expresses both the highs and the lows of human existence in her very own way, always in search of the deeper meaning, of the big picture.

Sonja Soller's artistic expressiveness flows onto the canvas with an irrepressible audacity, ready to catalyze the mind on a whole of great impact. The artist has concentrated on acrylic mixing techniques and always experimenting with new techniques like her "Acroil"-technique, until she reaches a remarkable level of mastery, and is distinguishable from her first glance. Last year she exhibited in New York (with the composer Margin Alexander), Helsinki/ Finnland AVA galleries and in the Cable factory, Vioventi Art, Herrsching/ Germany, the holy Art galleries in London/ England and Athen/ Greece, MADS gallery, Barcelona

Artist Statement