Twyla Bohrer

Bird Perched In Pink Flowers

Medium: Photography

Dimensions (In INs): 11 x 14

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

I am an emerging artist, working primarily in photography. I currently live and work in Eugene, Oregon. I grew up in the small town of Sweet Home, Oregon. I loved living out in the country. That is where my love of animals and beautiful landscapes started. I have always loved art and being creative. When I was younger I would write stories, draw, and paint. I remember when I was young sitting on the steps of my back porch using watercolors to paint the beautiful sunset. I have always felt like I had an eye for design and as I got older really became interested in interior decorating as a way to express myself and my love of art and composition. During COVID I was wanting to find something that I could do at home that would be creative and make me feel happy. I started really wanting to get into photography and that is when my husband bought me a camera for our anniversary. I wanted a camera that could take great pictures of birds, have a good built-in zoom lens, and also be able to capture pictures of the moon. So, my husband surprised me with a Nikon P950 camera last summer. That is when I discovered my passion for photography. I love taking photographs of animals and scenery. I want my photographs to evoke the same sense of joy and happiness in those who view them as they do for me. Being able to share my art and love for nature is a dream come true.

Artist Statement