Elina Grosul

Bouquet For The Queen

Medium: Acrylic, Canva

Dimensions (In INs): 63 x 47

Country: Ukraine

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Artist Bio

On a warm, sunny day on June 10, 1970, on the island of Crimea, Ukraine, between mountains and the invigorating breeze of the Black Sea, she have seen the light of day. Elina grew up then in Donetsk, a metropolis in Ukraine, known to many as "The City of million roses". Live in Avdeevka Ukaine.

A life without flowers Elina could not imagine. Surrounded by flowers we are born and covered with flowers and carried to the grave.

What happens currently in her lovely Ukraine, makes Elina´s heart bleed. The wonderful scent of roses has been disguised with the scent of scorched earth.

Whose incomparable bloom was trampled by soldiers' boots? These flowers have accompanied her for a lifetime, Elina wished by her aesthetic style of "Myrianthismus" ( in Greek thousands of blooming flowers ) could raise with the hope brush, to devote peace for all people.

Artist Statement