Begoña Cubero Marcos

Caramelitos De Verano

Medium: Acrílico Sobre Lienzo Técnica Mixta

Dimensions (In INs): 60 x 90

Country: Spain

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Artist Bio

She is the daughter of Madrilenian parents and the third of six siblings. From a very young age, she learned to negotiate and set limits. Skills that have helped him in his professional adult life to make a career in the business world.

After a long career in the communications sector, she decided to return to her creative roots and take up painting as an expressive medium, which later led to the need to write, plots that she developed from a point in southern Spain.

Currently, he is completely dedicated to giving free rein to his imagination through painting. Transmitting his emotions and his state of mind in each painting, trying to give a little color and joy to the world around him.

Artist Statement