Kwok Wai Chau

Chaotic Beauty

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions (In INs): 15 x 21

Country: Hong Kong

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Artist Bio

An art lover born in Hong Kong, ever since he was a child, he loves painting.

In the creation process, from the selection of the subject matters, expression techniques, choice of colors, etc, he adheres to the Ancient Chinese Tai Chi Yin Yan principle. His artworks highlight the balance of composition and harmony of warm and cool colors, hard and soft edges, strict and loose brush strokes, and light and dark contrasts. Through this process, he tries to achieve unity, wholeness, and harmonious balance and at the same time creates the necessary tension to attract his viewers to his works. His paintings are a projection of his thoughts, his soul, and his subconscious, which he hoped they would have an emotional impact on its viewers.

His artworks have received many awards and selected for gallery and online exhibitions in numerous events in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, Russia, and China.

Artist Statement