Melanie Zibit

Compassion Brings Hope

Medium: Pink Portuguese Marble On Black Marble Base

Dimensions (In INs): 24 x 8

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

In these fast-changing times, Ms. Zibit is inspired to create marble sculptures that speak of the enduring beauty of ancient, classic works. Over the four decades Ms. Zibit has carved, she has been influenced by a wide variety of sculptors - each enriching her vision and vocabulary. She learned from master carvers in the workshops of Tuscany Italy, she argued about aesthetics while living with the minimalists in Soho NYC, she spent time deepening and synthesizing her vision living on the rural coast of Maine, and most recently sharing ideas and techniques with carvers in Vermont.

A professor commented on one of Ms. Zibit’s exhibits, “She has discovered in stone the enslaved potential of its color, design, and texture. The versatility of the stone’s tactile potential has been exploited in the surfaces, polished and textured. Carving stone is a slow, patient, and difficult labor. Today one is tempted to seek easier, quicker, more malleable materials and techniques. However, the love of the sculptor for stone has been long and ardent. Melanie Zibit possesses this atavistic love for stone.”

Ms. Zibit’s award-winning pieces are in the collections and have been displayed in private homes, museums, and universities and have been included in publications, such as 100 Artists of New England E. Ashley Rooney (Schiffer January 2011) and Vermont's Carving Studio Carving out a Dream B. Amore (Kokoro Press, 2008) She has received commissions including honoring the Centennial for the Public Library Middleborough MA and Settlers Green Market Place in North Conway New Hampshire.

Artist Statement