Tylyn King

Cut Connection

Medium: Digital Photography

Dimensions (In INs): 13 x 16

Country: United States of America

Artist Bio

I was born in Colorado and have lived my whole life in the same house since 2003. I have always been hungry for travel and passionate about learning about the world beyond. In middle school, my French teacher told me the human mind is a room with one window. When you learn about a new culture or travel to a new country, the experience opens a new window in that room. Creating and enjoying art became an outlet for that—a way to view the world in new ways.

From drawing to writing stories, I have loved creating art since childhood. However, I was introduced to photography in early high school. The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the last fourth of my junior year and all of my senior year. Moving online for that period of time, I rarely left the house. My world shrunk to little more than my home. As someone desperate to explore—but cautious for my health—I began to reflect more on life and myself. Even as I renewed my love for nature, I discovered a passion for surrealism. I found a drive to care for and help the world around me, opening my eyes to the pain and beauty of life. I created art—writing stories and making photography—to compensate for the experience of containment. Art remolded my life and helped me endure challenging times. Before, I photographed to document, but my art took a drastic turn—now I create to express and change perspectives.

After high school, I continued to pursue photography at the University of Colorado Boulder. Over the past two years, I have joined photography classes and clubs, and I serve as the photography editor for “Roam Boulder,” a campus fashion magazine. I dedicate myself to improving my art and perception of the world.

Artist Statement