Jocelyn Benford

Endless Possibilities

Medium: Watercolor And Mixed Media On Paper

Dimensions (In INs): 15 x 11

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Jocelyn Benford is an abstract artist who mainly paints in watercolors with mixed media elements. She began painting in 2020 when she discovered that painting brings her peace, balance, and joy, and helps her to maintain an even keel in these uncertain times. In her artwork, Jocelyn is inspired by the interplay of colors, shapes, and uneven lines, and she loves the fluid, unpredictable nature of watercolor paints. She works very intuitively: she always has a starting point - a particular color combination or the focal point - but then she lets inspiration determine the direction she’ll pursue in her work. Jocelyn is drawn to organic rounded shapes, which have become a recurring motif in much of her work. These shapes speak to her of wholeness, resilience, buoyancy, harmony, and solace. Jocelyn’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Wisconsin and New York City, as well as in online exhibitions. It is also held in private collections throughout the US, and in the UK, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

Artist Statement