Shallon Fadlien


Medium: Digital

Dimensions (In INs): 6 x 5

Country: Canada

Artist Bio

Shallon Fadlien is a professional artist who works primarily with acrylics, digital and mixed media. Shallon was born in Saint Lucia and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Canada.

She presently resides in Canada but her work still shows evidence of her strong affinity to her homeland. Bold colors and simplistic lines are integral to her compositions as she explores themes of fantasy, love, and life while blurring the boundaries of realism.
Shallon held her first solo exhibition at the Francaise Ste. Lucie in 2000. She won 2 consecutive gold medals and one silver at the prestigious M&C Fine Arts awards in 2001, 2002, and 2003. While she resided in Saint Lucia, her work from this period was described as lyrical, story-focused, and hovering in between abstraction and realism.

Since 2016 Shallon has engaged in several collaborations with Ekphrastic poet John Robert Lee. Some of the projects they have produced include Song and Symphony where the poet responds to a series of 15 paintings based on the cyclical nature of relationships in an extended poem, the Blue Mountain Review, The Missing Slate, Spotlight Artist –November 2017 and The Connotation Press- May 2017. Her art can be seen on the cover of John Robert Lee’s Pierrot, Peepal Tree Press2020,

Presently, she works with digital mediums producing pieces that combine different techniques. She engages in online exhibitions and recently some of her pieces have been displayed online at Her work can also be seen on the cover of Acalabash and inside previous editions.

Artist Statement