Marcelle Mansour

Exploring The Joy Of Conscience

Medium: Digital Painting

Dimensions (In INs): 80 x 60

Country: Australia

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Artist Bio

Marcelle Mansour is an international multi-award-winning Australian Visual Artist. A world Master academic painter, bilingual writer, poet, journalist contributor, and Peace Ambassador. She received two Master of Fine Arts and Studio Arts from the University of Sydney and previously a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & English Language. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in Biennales and major exhibitions. Her work featured in art magazines including British Vogue in London 2022, Contemporary Celebrity Masters 2023 in Florence and Modern Art Masters 2022 in Complex de Louvre, Top 60 Masters 2022 in New York, International Contemporary Masters 2023 in Canada. As a multidisciplinary artist, Marcelle’s art spans from representational art to abstract, digital, and light art in a variety of mediums and styles that balance classical insight with the contemporary realistic formulation. Her art is dominated by beauty and thoughts that explore the world of knowledge and wisdom of human psychology and perception. Her work is a manifestation of beauty with illuminating colors and communicating her mind’s thoughts which speak to viewers worldwide. Inspired by spirituality, humanity, embroidery art, and the power of intense color, her art is radiant and significant in reflecting humanistic topics for strengthening the sense of positive values.

Artist Statement