Cecilia Anastos

Fontanella Sotto Il Monte Giovanni XXIII

Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 16 x 20

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

I am an Italian-American, multi-cultural and polyglot artist. My paintings are colorful, profound, and uplifting. I am a self-taught artist, and this is my profession. I have learned a long time ago to trust the teacher within and go to my inner world to fetch ideas for painting.
My voice in fine arts has been influenced by the Impressionism and Post-Impressionism painters for my figurative compositions and some Modern artist for my abstract compositions. Sometimes, in my dreams, I am visited by the ghost of Maestro Salvador Dali, and some surreal compositions come to life.

I use my voice in fine arts to bring attention to matters that will generate a conversation with the viewer, as well as to express a personal story. All my paintings have a story, a piece of my soul, a raison d’être.

Artist Statement