Ray Zovar

Freedom 4

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas, Under Resin

Dimensions (In INs): 36 x 36

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Ray has always been fascinated by and worked with three-dimensional art. His first memory of creating art was sculpting, drawing, and painting in grade-school classes. He was awed by the dioramas in the Milwaukee Public Museum, his favorite urban playground.

Along with creating free-standing and wall-mounted sculptures, much of Ray’s work over the next 30 years was comprised of oil and acrylic paintings with heavy impasto and strong 3D multimedia canvases.

He moved to mosaics for about 13 years: water fountains, sculptures, furniture, and architectural pieces. He was fascinated with the depth of color, texture, form, and infinite materials that this tactile medium presents.

In 2013, Ray began creating 360° luminous sculptures, which are illusionary, abstract, one-of-a-kind interplays of color and light, most often in a column form. Along with creating these sculptures, Ray continues to paint.

Artist Statement