Karen Sachs

Good Morning Sunshine

Medium: Oil Pastels And Acrylic Ink

Dimensions (In INs): 26 x 34

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Karen Sachs began painting 25 years ago after moving into her first apartment. Unable to find what she thought would be the "perfect" painting, she took matters into her own hands. Soon paint exploded onto the canvas in a fantasy of color, forms, and textures.

Electric in its vibrancy, no color left unexplored. She feels color can carry emotion and uses this as a foundation for her art.

With her portraits, capturing the essence of the human experience and exposing the parts of ourselves we keep hidden is her focus. While the animal pieces remind us how much we can learn from our furry friends. The abstract compositions are Karen's most robust presentation of openness and free-flowing creativity. This is only complimented by her nature-themed canvases, which explore the beauty of life through color.

She is always having fun playing and has opened herself up to new opportunities to express herself Karen has added glass mosaic, oil pastels, and pottery to her repertoire.

With a group of other talented and creative souls worldwide, Karen has also contributed images to the adult coloring book "Super Soul Flow," the Elephant Love postcard set, and has a chapter in "Recipes for Living: A Coloring Journal for Healthy Living in Body, Mind & Spirit." Karen has been featured in Voyage LA Online Magazine. She has won over ten awards over the years for her artwork. You can find her work hanging in private collections as well as television shows "Undeclared" "Kingpin" and the feature film "Guarding Eddy."

Karen is passionate about being creative and has once said, "Imagine how your formerly "blank canvas" life can be if you splash it with YOUR expression and play. Give yourself permission to express - have fun - explore YOU - to share your essence with the world."

Artist Statement