Stefania Andreev



Medium: Oil Monotype On Paper.

Dimensions (In INs): 15 x 18

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Stefania Andreev creates intimate and contemplative works expressing her personal life and spirit in a range of mediums. At a young age, her parents noticed her interest in art and began taking her to weekend classes at the Rhode Island School of Design. As Stefania matured, so did her passion for art and painting. She continued her education at RISD and is now a senior graduating in June 2025. At RISD, she is exploring and refining her practice under the guidance of experienced professors and talented classmates experimenting with multiple mediums and styles.

Stefania works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, charcoal, and more. Using acrylic paint and canvas primed with gesso and sand she creates melancholic and surreal landscapes infused with figures or objects. The textured ground allows her to use acrylic paint like watercolor building up thin watery layers that create depth and meaning. In her most recent work, Stefania has been exploring oil paint and monotype prints. Stefania works quickly and confidently to create works born of pure feeling and expression. Using oil paint on plexiglass she smears, wipes, and brushes paint on freely. Working with her intuition she generates bold images based on memory, emotion, and relationships. Hands and eyes reoccur often in these monotypes as for Stefania touch and sight are the primary senses for understanding the world around her.

Stefania’s creativity has been noted on multiple occasions. At her high school, Rocky Hill Country Day School, in 2018 she won the Alex and Ani charm design competition for her design “Citizen”. In 2019 she was accepted into the Newport Annual Juried Exhibition with her unique and colorful portrait of Paul Macartney. In 2021 Stefania received multiple awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing competition including gold and silver keys for art portfolio, silver medal for art portfolio, Gold medal, and American Visions medal in mixed media.

Artist Statement