Susanne Reske

Indian Summer

Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 32 x 16

Country: Germany

Artist Bio

"I do not only paint what is recognizable at first glance, I also paint the story behind the external appearance."

Susanne Reske is a contemporary abstract and mixed media artist who has won national and international art awards. She lives at the Lake of Constance / Germany.

In addition to studying social pedagogy, she completed her studies in fine arts. A major theme in her painting is the abstraction and the viewer´s freedom of interpretation that goes with it.

Furthermore, the artist creates contemporary portraits that contain a distinctive style between figuration and abstraction. Susanne Reske is interested in the history, the biography, and the individual personality of the person to be depicted. This researched knowledge flows into her large-format portraits as colored expression and emotion through various techniques.

Her works of art are thus not an exclusive depiction of reality but at the same time an expression of what is hidden behind the first impression.

Influenced by her social pedagogical studies, her contemporary works also deal with socially critical, ecological, and female-specific topics of the present and the past. In her paintings, she often works with acrylic, graphite, tissue paper, and paper and experiments freely with textures of sand, gesso, and plastic masses.

Her works are shown in national and international solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

Artist Statement