Alesia - Fluid Queen

Ironically Free Baker Miller Pink

Medium: Acrylics, Inks

Dimensions (In INs): 12 x 16


Artist Bio

My name is Alesia and I chose "Fluid Queen" as my name of art. I was born in Germany to Eastern European parents. But most of my formative creative years were spent between Milan, New York, and now Dubai where I developed a passion for international cultures and creative expressions. I’ve explored different media - from resin to polymer clay, from oil to watercolors - and have always been fascinated by avant-guard and the interrelation between macro and micro worlds.

I grew up exposed to a folkloristic culture of Eastern Europe and Baltic countries, where my grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides were enjoying their peaceful lives after WW2, dedicating a lot of their time to handmade artistry - knitting in particular. So I strongly associate those captivating patterns with something curious and extremely peaceful... In fact, I use them a lot in my abstract artworks contrasting contemporary geometric objects with delicate hand-knitted doodling. A daring, yet surreal fantasy…

My personal credo states that dedication to any form of art or creativity leaves no space for sadness, negative thinking, or even conflicts. Positivity transforms us and everything around us. As Dostoyevsky once said, “beauty will save the world». Something that I could not really comprehend at my younger age. I totally understand it now. Art is therapeutic...

Artist Statement