Amelie Monira Egenolf

Joyful Light

Medium: Oil

Dimensions (In INs): 40 x 40

Country: Germany

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Artist Bio

Amelie Monira Egenolf is a talented German artist, born with a passion for painting that she has nurtured since childhood. In 2017, she began taking various art courses to hone her skills and by 2019, she had started her own art business. Since then, Amelie has held exhibitions all over the world, showcasing her exceptional artistry and unique perspective on life.

Amelie Monira Egenolf is proud to have had the opportunity to display her artwork in some of the world's most renowned art institutions, such as the Louvre in Paris, as well as in major cities across Europe and beyond. Her love for painting and the happiness it brings to others is her driving force, her life elixir.

Living with her family in South Germany near Switzerland, Amelie Monira Egenolf's journey as an internationally selling artist has taken her across different continents such as Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and South America. Each of these places has its unique beauty and culture, which has inspired her to learn from local artists and their techniques. Through this experience, Amelie Monira Egenolf has gained a unique perspective on the world, seeing its beauty and elegance through the eyes of locals, broadening her horizons and opening her heart.

Artist Statement