Taru Rouhiainen

Just Keep Smiling

Medium: Mixed Media On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 20 x 24

Country: Finland

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Artist Bio

I started painting after a career crisis in 2020. I was working as a healthcare professional and went through burnout, which led me to switch my career to business and finance. During the crisis, I needed something to let go of and process my feelings so I registered for a painting course. I just fell in love with making art! I love that I can do something with my hands, work with beautiful bold colors and express myself. Art saved me.

I create artwork that is meant to be a moment of inspiration and joy. My process is intuitive, I start by using bold colors and let my feelings guide me from there. I love the colors magenta and turquoise, and metallic paints. Bright and beautiful colors make me happy. My way of using contrasting details and multiple layers add texture that is unique to my artwork. With my artwork, I want to convey the message that we all need to love ourselves, take care of ourselves, and appreciate life! Everything happens for a reason and we should just travel within life`s current and trust. I want to bring beauty into homes and remind us of our own strength and the importance of love and gratefulness.

Artist Statement