Svitlana Bulichenko

Leave The Past Behind

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 19 x 23

Country: Ukraine

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Artist Bio

Svitlana Bulichenko was born in 1983 in Oleshky, Kherson region, Ukraine. As a child, she loved to draw with a pencil, depicting everything that surrounded her: people, flowers, and her impressions from the books she had read. After graduating from school, Svetlana enrolled in college at the Faculty of Economics. After college, she received a higher education at the academy. In connection with the study, Svitlana abandoned her passion. In 2006, she married, and only with the birth of her first child in 2009 she returned to painting. Since then, she has painted oil paintings on canvas. Svitlana learned to work with oil paints on her own. Thus, its first survivors and marine landscapes appeared in 2009. She has always been impressed by the beauty of the surrounding world—the bright colors of the sky at sunset, the sun and its reflection in the stormy sea, the majestic mountains, and many other beauties of the world.

Later, Svitlana began to write female figures with elements of fantasy—girls with butterfly wings, and angels. “The spiritual world is always so mysterious and inexplicable—it is what impresses and gives inspiration for writing new paintings,” says Svetlana.

In 2016, her first solo exhibition was held at the local art museum in Oleshky. After this event, Svetlana was awarded the title of master of folk art and was accepted into the union of masters "Dnepr Palette" in Kherson.

Svitlana has participated in many international exhibitions and competitions. Her artworks were repeatedly noted by members of the jury and received prizes. In 2021, she entered the TOP 100 TALENTS OF THE WORLD, according to the results of the International Online Art Competition, UK. In 2022, Svitlana published her work “Sky” in Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine.

Artist Statement