Bobby Kim Ling Chen

New Paradigm Of Mixed Media And Medium Arts

Medium: Digital Arts

Dimensions (In INs): 18 x 24

Country: Hong Kong

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Artist Bio

Bobby is an “end-to-end” digital artist (who does all the work himself) with specialized skills in digital image/video generative and derivatives arts, etc., using multiple software, techniques, and programming to derive his creatives.

Bobby believes that most artworks exist due to the urge of artists to express themselves. In recent years, the rapid advancements in digital science may have opened up more ways for artists to do just that. These techniques could include using Augmented Reality (AR), Audio & Vid, website extension, 3D modeling, metaverse, cross mediums mixed media, etc. This application of digital science to traditional arts created a hybrid known as “Digital Arts”, which is understood by many as “artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process”. However, in Bobby’s opinion, whereas digital technology is mostly used in the creative process, it is currently underutilized in its use in the presentation.

Bobby further believes that digital arts will eventually bring about a paradigm switch as to how arts will be appreciated in the future. Expression may no longer need to be confined to the creative itself as participation and engagement may now be “extended” outside the realm of the original canvas with the help of technology onto other “digital devices” such as mobile phones, VR glasses, etc.

Although Digital Arts may span from Digital Painting on iPad-like devices to AI-generating arts which Bobby is familiar with, Bobby favors the in-between, known as “digital derivative” arts which involve more of image and video processing. He also favors the following elements in his creatives: (1) Light (e.g., shining or contrast); (2) Space (e.g., depth, 3D); (3) Time (e.g., still or motion); (4) Strong colors; (5) Optical Illusion.

Artist Statement