Tyler Stephens

Once Upon A Midnight Steer

Medium: Handcut Collage

Dimensions (In INs): 12 x 20

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Punk surrealist, Tyler "Sour Steve” Stephens (Born Oct. 30, 1996) has been assembling intricate, thought-provoking, surrealist montage collage artworks since 2019. By combining vintage wartime adverts from the early 19th century up into the late 1950s with more modern imagery of our current political/social landscape, Sour Steve’s artwork challenges the viewer to confront the ugly incongruities and hypocrisy of our modern society.

In 2020, Sour Steve became the youngest artist in the California punk art collective:
Destroy Art. Together, the team uses art as activism to fight off bigotry, hatred, and injustice as seen fit and use their talents to promote love, empowerment, and community. The artwork of Sour Steve has been featured in two fanzines both published by Destroy Art. Sour Steve has also won numerous art competitions across the Southeast and has participated in art exhibitions around the state of North Carolina and two group exhibitions in San Francisco, California.

Artist Statement