Megha Baran


Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 18 x 24

Country: United States of America

Artist Bio

I am a visual artist who firmly believes in the magic of colors. I love to tell stories through my paintings and draw inspiration from my culture, travel, and love for photography. Originally from India, I have been living in the United States since 2007. I lived in sunny California and the prairies of Kansas before adopting beautiful Virginia as my home.

I use different mediums, styles, and techniques to experiment with my compositions. My first group exhibition in the United States was in 2015 at Mook Art Gallery in Milpitas, California. Since then, I have done several art shows, gallery exhibits, and local art events in California, Oregon, Kansas, and Virginia. My art has been showcased in various national and international exhibitions and published in art magazines such as the 30th issue of ‘Artistonish’ by Biafarin. And upcoming magazines are ‘Book of The Arts by Gallerium and 'Spotlight' by the Circle Foundation of the Arts.

Artist Statement