Petra Reissmann

Series Fusion Hope

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas, Structure Plaster, Resin, Spatula Technique

Dimensions (In INs): 47 x 31

Country: Germany

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Artist Bio

Petra Reissmann, born on 08.01.1969 in Frankfurt/Main, grew up and lives in Bad Nauheim.

Petra Reissmann has always been engaged in creative processes and has recently focused entirely on painting. Her abstract artworks are created with complete dedication, great passion, and delicate depth, which sometimes shows itself in soft structures, but also in fragile or rough elements. Although large-scale works are always lost in details, they give the viewer enough space for free inspiration. Thus, a distinctive style has emerged, characterized by an unmistakable sense of color compositions, and organic forms, as well as an exciting interplay of surfaces, layers, and planes.

Her works are mostly large-format and predominantly created with the palette knife technique.

Selection of previous exhibitions 2018 to 2023:

Leipzig Art Fair
Art Lake Constance
Affordable Art Fair Milan
Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt
Classic Garage Bad Nauheim
Collective Art Show, van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid Art Fair Marbella
Art Fair Innsbruck
Art Fair Monaco
(Un) Fair Contemporary Art Fair Milan
Art 3f Brussels
International Contemporary Art Fair Paris

Artist Statement