David Orr

Strings Of Thought

Medium: Digital Print On Aluminum

Dimensions (In INs): 11 x 14

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

I am an artist who earned most of his living during his early and mid-career from architectural design, facilities management, and web development/user experience. Yet, during the last three years, I have been able to focus exclusively on my art projects. Besides art, I am hooked on continuing education — and am hardly afraid of leaving my comfort zone. At the age of 70, I completed a Master of Liberal Arts in Media and Popular Culture, as well as a program in Stand Up Comedy with Second City in Chicago. I also have degrees from both Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and Washington University in St. Louis. I was born and raised in a small college town in the South, and the southern tall tale has had a strong influence on my writing and illustrations. I resolve design problems while taking my two bull terriers for walks. If I could do life over again, I would arrange to be born in an era that knows how to travel at the speed of light.

Artist Statement