Marjorie Moskowitz & Bob Moskowitz

The 405 Altar Piece

Medium: Oil

Dimensions (In INs): 40 x 120

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Marjorie grew up in St. Louis and Bob, Philadelphia. Their formative educations at Washington University in St. Louis and The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia respectively had strong foundation programs so they had similar backgrounds when they met in graduate school at Washington University. However, their work could not have been more different. Throughout the years their work remained autonomous but they were always each other’s most important critics. As a couple, they have always shared a sense of irony and humor. When they decided to collaborate on a painting for an upcoming exhibition they applied their mutual approach to looking at the peculiar nature of people and the world and created a piece that was an interesting hybrid resembling only slightly their own individual work.

Artist Statement