Rose Menyon Heflin

The Burden Of Excess

Medium: Mixed Media Installation/Basketry

Dimensions (In INs): 21 x 14

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Originally from rural, southern Kentucky, I spent the formative part of my childhood running wild and free - delightedly barefoot and practically feral - in the countryside. Compelled by the resulting love of nature, I majored in environmental studies and later studied plant sciences as part of a master’s program. While my OCD prevented me from completing the graduate degree, there is no such thing as a reformed botanist.

Admittedly, I did not return to visual art until my early thirties, but now I cannot imagine life without it. It has become apparent in recent years that art, nature, and culture-based travel are three of the few arenas in which I can successfully tackle the intractable OCD plaguing me. A cruel mistress, it is utterly unforgiving. In fact, I can only resist my debilitating perfectionism and persistent germophobia when I am making art, exploring outdoors, traveling, or crafting poems. Consequently, nature, visual arts, traveling, and writing are incredibly healing.

Artist Statement