Vivian Cavalieri

The Lotus

Medium: Paper, Freshwater Pearls, Murano Glass, Dollhouse Miniatures

Dimensions (In INs): 14 x 14

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Growing up in Manhattan with an American-born mother and a Venetian father, I spent many summers in Venice. I now appreciate how much that influenced my style and palette. I majored in art history while at Harvard University but, convinced I lacked artistic talent because I could not draw or paint, I veered left and enrolled at the New York University School of Law. The highly structured nature of my art was no doubt influenced by the 20 years I spent organizing thoughts while representing nonprofits at firms in New York and Washington. Leaving the practice of law, I began designing multi-strand necklaces, unconsciously mirroring the opulent and ebullient Venetian style. But when complex necklaces went out of style, and I found myself bored creating simpler ones, I began using necklaces still in inventory to create miniature scenes. I design them in my studio on Chincoteague, a lovely, remote island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore surrounded by natural beauty.

Artist Statement