Berni Stephanus

Two Women

Medium: Paper

Dimensions (In INs): 11 x 16

Country: Switzerland

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Artist Bio

Born on January 31, 1941, in Hannover, Germany, Berni Stephanus is a German-Russian artist whose life and work are deeply intertwined with a rich tapestry of cultural influences. His father hails from Germany, while his mother's roots trace back to a Russian Jewish family from Kishinev.

Stephanus's artistic journey began with a diverse educational background. After completing his schooling, he pursued studies in translation in Geneva, Switzerland, before immersing himself in the world of painting at the local academy. It was here that he first began to explore his creative impulses and develop his unique artistic voice.

From an early age, Stephanus displayed a penchant for expressionism, with his first paintings emerging at the tender age of 15. Over time, his style evolved from figurative representations to more abstract forms, reflecting his ever-changing perspective on the world around him.

The turning point in Stephanus's artistic career came in 1967 when he began to experiment with collage as a means of expressing his political convictions. Inspired by the tumultuous events of the time, including the Vietnam War and the Prague Spring, his collages served as powerful vehicles for protest and dissent.

As the years passed, Stephanus's focus shifted exclusively to collage-making, marking a departure from traditional painting methods. He regards himself as an outsider and rebel within the art world, unbound by conventional norms or expectations.

Stephanus's daily collages serve as both an inner investigation and a deconstruction of traditional painting conventions. With a blend of tragedy and wit, he challenges viewers to reconsider their preconceived notions of art and invites them to engage with the medium in new and unconventional ways.

Currently residing in Geneva, Switzerland, Stephanus continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, forging his own path as a trailblazer in the world of collage.

Artist Statement