Julia K. Burzon

Welcome Home 3 James C Dodd Architect Sacramento CA

Medium: Mixed Media On Paper

Dimensions (In INs): 24 x 30

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Julia K. Burzon is an artist of traditional fine art and digital media. Julia’s formal education is not in art, beyond an AP course in high school, but rather includes a BS in Entomology/Wildlife Conservation, and a MS in Wildlife Biology.

Julia’s professional art career began with illustration in the 1990s. Published work from that time can be found in various Iowa State University Wildlife Extension publications, as scientific illustrations in a few peer-reviewed physics papers, and included a commission by the Program For Appropriate Technologies In Health (PATH).

After a significant hiatus, during which she worked in Wildlife Conservation and Management, owned/operated a small business, and bore and helped raise two children, she has now returned to art thanks to art therapy and the encouragement of others. Online stores at both Etsy and on Ko-fi.com offer art available for purchase or commission. You can keep up with Julia and her projects on her FanFARE Themed Art FaceBook page and on Instagram as she continues to explore her her thoughts, feelings, and experiences through her daily art practice.

Artist Statement