Dave McKinney

Willie Nelson Trigger

Medium: Digital Photography

Dimensions (In INs): 11 x 14

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

While I clearly remember liking to "take pictures" as a youth, I first recognized my real love for art when I took a photography class in college. It was through to process of shooting, developing negatives, and processing prints that I began to take my efforts seriously.

During the better part of my business career, I was engaged in the publishing of monthly periodicals. While it was not part of my responsibility as the VP of National Sales, I took every opportunity I could to shoot the cover photos for several of our publications.

Now, as a retired businessman, I'm enjoying having the time to take my photography more seriously. I take two photo "sabbaticals" every year where I travel to National Parks and other natural destinations. My wife and I also travel to foreign locations where many wonderful photo opportunities are presented.

Artist Statement