Negar Tabibian

Without You, Middle East Is An Empty Oil-Well

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 16 x 12

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Negar is an Iranian-American designer, and artist with a strong passion for varieties of visual and performing arts. She has always used painting to express her emotions and feeling, yet, since 2018, she has returned to painting more seriously. For Negar, art is a medium to communicate better whatever is going on in her bubble, with the rest of the world. So in a way, her artworks, and specifically her paintings, are the surreal stories of a Middle Eastern immigrant woman, residing in the US, trying to be resilient against several mental and political crises that the majority of the modern world's population is going through.

In her paintings, Negar uses acrylic on canvas more than any other medium, however, depending on the concept she is working on, she uses different mediums and techniques to create textures and patterns that bring her inner feelings to life in a tangible way.

Artist Statement