Gildo Spadoni

Woman In Times Square 1972

Medium: Film

Dimensions (In INs): 14 x 11

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

A native Astorian travels the world with his camera capturing his unique images. Coming from a family of Italian painters, Spadoni is known for his artistic approach which is evident in a full range of work from portraits of joyous children in the streets of Istanbul to French bicyclists peddling through the gardens of Versailles. Spadoni’s photographic style is also evident in his landscapes and portraits with unique compositions of graphics and color that portray his passionate vision. Spadoni’s love for photography began at the age of 13 when he found his canvas through the viewfinder of a 35mm Nikon Camera. He is a 1975 graduate of F.I.T. In 1977, he photographed Warhol, Wyeth, and Neiman’s openings and Studio 54 parties. In addition to shooting fashion during the 80s and working exclusively with Ford, Zoli, Willy, and Elite Models, his travels in the 90s took him to the far corners of the globe to capture the essence of 36 nations. Clients include American Express, Bloomingdales, Rizzoli Books, Mastercard, Merrill Lync, AT&T, Sony, and US Air. He has photographed Sophia Loren, Reggie Jackson, Calvin Klein, Henry Kissinger, Jack Lemon, Kathleen Turner, Richard Branson, Philip Johnson, Jeremy Irons, Pavarotti, Mayor Koch, and Geoffrey Holder. He supports Greening Wester Queens, The Long Island City Arts Open, and QWFF and is on the committee to permanently illuminate the Hell Gate Bridge for its centennial celebration. He is collaborating on a project with the National Museum of Montserrat donating over 1000 color photographs from 1991 to 1995 for an exhibit titled “Paradise Not Lost – The Ghost Project – after Hugo and before the Volcano. His latest project involves vintage and digital photographs of Astoria/LIC called ''THEN AND NOW-FORTY YEARS LATER'' and his photography is represented by Corbis. com in over 65 nations.

Artist Statement