Thierry Clauson

Women Inside The Blockain

Medium: Digital Painting And 3D - Print In Plexiglass

Dimensions (In INs): 59 x 47

Country: Switzerland

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Artist Bio

With 40 years of experience in the world of communication, Thierry Clauson is an artist who creates images in constant search of novelties. After academic training at the Decorative Arts and Fine Arts of Geneva, he explores the techniques merging the aesthetics of painting, photography, cinema, or even press draw. His curiosity is also illustrated through his fields of activity. His curiosity is also reflected in his work as an art director at events such as the 100th anniversary of the CIS in Berlin, a fashion show for a prestigious coffee brand, or a joint exhibition with Hans Ruedi Giger, the artist of "Alien" in a gallery in Zurich. "ART/CLAUSON" is constructed as a perspective of his work as an artist. In the manner of a narrative diagram, the subjects and techniques are articulated and allow us to observe the various choices and inspirations of this artist who creates with his time. In a society that tends towards dematerialization, after charcoal, oil paint, and airbrush, Thierry Clauson is involved in digital art using 3D imagery and virtual reality. As a common thread, a unique sensitivity and an attraction for singularity give birth to a shifted universe that is his own.

Joanna Haefeli

Artist Statement