Nicole Martinelli

Bench Of Solace And Solitude

Medium: Digital Photography

Dimensions (In INs): 28 x 48

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Nicole Martinelli is an artist, and a breakthrough Photographer originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois who recently relocated to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. She finds inspiration in the surrounding mountains and rural areas for her latest creations. Nicole was originally a painter who would use photography strictly for reference material. She found comfort in Nature and expressed herself artistically through her photography. After a break from the art world, Upon submitting her photography on a whim to juried art shows and having her photography accepted into multiple juried exhibitions, she quickly realized her photography is also a talent and gift that must be shared with the world. She now pursues both artistic mediums as an artist. The cascades of colors and vivid images she features in both her paintings and photographs are a direct representation of the bold, immutable, beautiful feelings she experiences while initially viewing the subject matter for her artwork. Nicole as an artist feels that it is her obligation to capture the beauty, healing power, and comfort nature provides us by presenting these feelings and images through her artwork to the world.

During these ever-changing times, One factor that never falters or changes in our world is The solitude and comfort that nature provides us all. "There is always a stream to catch our tears and a sunset to brighten our lives." It is her main focal point in both her photography and paintings. The artist has always been captivated by nature and the natural beauty and comfort it can offer all of us. "If she can inspire, awaken, and bring, solace, peace, and happiness to others as she has found herself while creating, then she has achieved her artistic goal."

Artist Statement