Arlette Stella

Rise Up Anyway!

Medium: Acrylic, Satin And Course Molding And Gesso

Dimensions (In INs): 36 x 24

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Education: Political Science BA, Juris Doctorate, Masters, Religion & Ethical Leadership; Ph.D. Philosophy in Religion.

Escondido Municipal Gallery, & Surfing Madonna-2nd Place 2022.

Adopted from Germany, a naturalized US citizen by age 5, and raised in various countries until around her 12th year, Arlette Stella currently resides in Palm Desert, California with her husband, dog, and tortoise. As an Adjunct Professor, she teaches classes such as Buddhism, History of the US Supreme Court, and Perspectives on Death and Dying.
Arlette Stella is a late-blooming, self-taught artist, who purposefully took up painting in the Fall of 2019. She has been in several shows and exhibits, both in person and online since then. Her creative side is informed by her extensive education, decades as a Professor & a lawyer, alongside her travel adventures & life experiences.

Artist Statement