Juels Pellow


Medium: Acrylic And Impasto

Dimensions (In INs): 30 x 30

Country: Australia

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Artist Bio

Juels Pellow is an Australian artist who resides on the beautiful Gold Coast and is completely captivated by the wonderment and joy of creation and the unseen realm.

Her background in interior design & decorating, clothing design, and slow fashion has helped to feed into the creativity & uniqueness of her pieces, with a tendency to lean towards textured acrylic, watercolor, and pencil, but no medium is off limits and no style is un-touched! Most of her inspiration comes from nature or dreams and visions, where she is inspired by encouraging messages and insights from the unseen realm. She has been a featured artist in the Luxembourg art awards, and a local gallery exhibitor on the Gold Coast and is an inspiration to her art students who love how she breaks down and simplifies techniques, helping them to realize that they were born to be creative. Most of her artworks and unique business logos are held in private collections and businesses all around Australia.

Artist Statement