Fran Sisco


Medium: Acrylic Painting

Dimensions (In INs): 36 x 24

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Fran Sisco is a left-brain / right-brain creative, who freely and fully expresses her creativity and desire to make a difference in the world, by focusing on issues of authenticity, honesty, fairness, kindness, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. She interacts with her left-brain analytical and detailed skills coupled with her right-brain skills of lateral thinking, intuition, and sensitivity, applied to various creative disciplines of visual arts including painting and sculptures, writing (films, plays, scripts, books, essays, songs, poems, comedy sketches, entertaining (including stand-up comedy and singing), filmmaking, producing scores of shows, the radio and internet show hosting, inventions, and motivational speaking.

Fran attributes her varied creative skills to a successful interaction of left and right brains (b) being very intellectually curious (c) her life in two genders that has provided an unusual life perspective (d) her understanding of compelling issues via extensive business experiences, gained by serving literally thousands of clients over the years as their trusted CPA and financial advisor and (e) being blessed with extraordinary opportunities to learn and grow. Fran is a graduate cum laude of Iona College and lives with her daughter Kelly and Kelly’s boyfriend in New Rochelle, NY.

Artist Statement