Liz Darrell

Farts And Other Pleasurable Hassles

Medium: Photoshop And Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 30 x 24

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

I'm a multidisciplinary artist born and based in New York City. I was exposed to an absurd array of dramatic and visual arts growing up, perhaps triggering my perception of the world in expressive rather than logical ways. A lot of the darkness we face throughout life targets the deepest parts of ourselves, and to me, many of the deepest parts of myself are bound to my childhood. So, I’ve become interested in exploring adult concepts through a playful lens.

It's strange being alive these days and that's quite inspiring. There's a lot to think about, there's a lot to feel about, but there's even more to do. My works may offend, they may inspire, perhaps even disappoint, but hopefully, they’ll provoke something, anything. Be it internal or external; a thought or action.

Artist Statement