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Medium: Photography

Dimensions (In INs): 16 x 24

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

GIPAHO's ruling planet is Jupiter, her assigned element is Fire!

Born & raised on a Dairy Farm in Berlin/Germany- living & working in Honolulu as a Healthcare Prof in the Medical Coding, CTR field, since 2008. A current licensed LMT/MMT.

She enjoys with passion creating her Artwork with different kinds of materials; Clay, Glass, Metal, Fabrics, and Fiber. GIPAHO's inner Self, guided by her SOUL is inspired by the Beauty, Colors, and silent accusation seeing in Mother Nature- moments she is catching with her camera to convert/express in her Multi-Media Artwork. Photography is another field she is very involved in since the 70-ties. Working with ART of any kind is supporting the inner healing process, "GIPAHO believes...
Exhibits GIPAHO was accepted:
"On the Wall" Glassfusioncollective- HPU Hawaii Loa Campus Art Gallery-January 2022-

FIBER HAWAII, 40th Anniversary DAC June 2022 -

The "What is your Sign"/ "THE ART OF CARING/AARP sponsored/-"REWIND- FAST:"/-"ARTS OF PRIDE"- "The ARTS at Marks Garage Gallery/Honolulu" in 2021/2022

PHOTOGRAPHY in HAWAII - Pacific New Media in 2022 -
Matchbox- upcoming Show at Cedars Gallery Honolulu in NOV2022-
OLELO ARTIST-Interview in 2022 -

Artist Statement