Karen Sachs

Splattered Mind

Medium: Acrylic Ink On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 10 x 10

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Karen Sachs has been expressing her soul through her art for many years, and it sure doesn't lie. Her passion for colors, creativity, and transparency with the world has been seen in every piece she puts out. Her art is an expression of the artist's innermost emotions and feelings. The vibrant colors and playful abstracts reflect the joy of creating each piece. Karen aims to connect with others through her artwork, revealing our true nature and the beauty of life. Her skill comes to life with every brushstroke, swipe of the palette knife, or whatever medium is used. Her paintings and oil pastels are like going on a journey into her inner world where emotions, feelings, and experiences that were no longer hiding come together in sync. For an instant, we can see beyond the surface into the unknown -to a raw and authentic place within ourselves- it almost feels like magic! Each new work by Karen brings gives viewers insight into her larger-than-life perspective which is why it's no surprise that she continues to have remarkable success exhibiting shows all across the US and winning awards recognizing her talent.

Artist Statement