Brandon Gellis

Wicked Relief – Yellow Study 1

Medium: Digital Art

Dimensions (In INs): 20 x 16

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Brandon Gellis is a new media artist, educator, and maker. He wants to challenge the status quo to change viewers’ perceptions and perspectives of how people construct individual and community identities and develop networks rich with cultural memory. He explores utopic and dystopic narratives that investigate biopolitics exploring dominance and power. His creative practice is interdisciplinary and meets at the intersections of design, art, technology, and science often combining my love of working hands-on and with digital tools, exploring digital artistry and design innovation. Gellis’ creative work harnesses emerging digital design tools, emphasizing the design of new and emerging technologies, and the development of innovative research methods.

Over the past decade, his creative research has been carefully manipulating moments in time and place to accentuate ephemerality – altering their relevance, significance, and existence – without recognizing their original state or value. Each captured and augmented visual artifact serves as an ephemeral window into unresolved experiences, relationships, and realities that exist between people; people and other species; and people and technology. Gellis’ creative scholarship continues to be driven by critical inquiry of the human fixation and dependence on new technology, and our need to impact others and assert power.

He teaches and conducts creative research across the areas of design, information design, human-centered design, coding, motion graphics design, AI, and UI/ UX and interaction design. Gellis’ visual narrative scholarship calls into question the role of power, dominance, and rebellion in human interaction. He is excited by “What if?” questions generated by science fiction, speculative design fiction, design thinking, and Internet of Things (IoT) scholarship.

Artist Statement