Haotian Dong

Sunset Call

Medium: Copper, Silver

Dimensions (In INs): 9 x 11

Country: United States of America

Artist Bio

I’m a multidisciplinary designer specializing in Visual and Jewelry Design. I love to combine thoughtful, research-driven ideas and impactful visuals to create well-crafted experiences.

I have recently graduated from the MFA Communications Design program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I spent two years in the program to deepen my understanding of visual communication design, polish my design skills, and expand my practice into jewelry design.

My strength lies in my flexibility to collaborate as a team member in a culturally diverse environment. I am also willing to take risks, adapt, and evolve for future challenges.

My interests in other creative fields, such as fashion, films, and the k-pop industry, inspire my design philosophy. Outside of work, I enjoy experimenting with new materials and making them live on the human body. You can also find me in front of the torch machine soldering big metal pieces together.

Artist Statement