Sharon Bibeault

The Visit

Medium: Digital Photography

Dimensions (In INs): 10 x 8

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

From a very young age, Sharon was known to be very creative and artistic. She attended the only all woman’s art college, Moore College of Art and Design located in Philadelphia, PA.

Upon graduation from high school, her parents had given her, her first camera, a Minolta X370. When she took photography classes in art school, she fell in love with the 4 x 5 format camera. At this time, she was allowed to take her father’s Yashica Mat-124 Copal-SV 2 ¼ to school with her. She majored in textile design with a minor in photography. While studying in college she found a way to combine both mediums together.

In recent years she has gotten back to combining her two loves, textiles and photography together. She combines and prints some of her photographs on fabric and makes her photo art quilts as she describes them. Sharon enjoys photographing just about anything and everything. She favors black and white over color for the dramatic effect that she is looking for when she plays with lights.

Artist Statement